Friday, November 21, 2014

1930's Oahu Acoustic Guitar

Here is another guitar that I have had for a while in hopes of resurrecting it.  Unfortunately this guitar just sold as well.  It is a 1930's Oahu that seems at one time to have been a square neck model, but a conversion attempt to a spanish style neck was done.  the conversion is not really bad, it just seems they didn't take it all the way.  The neck on this guitar will need some work for it to be a functioning instrument.  Nonetheless, as randy as the body looks, this is where the tone is!  The body save for an easily repairable crack below the bridge is solid and amazingly straight.  The tone is very cool as well.  i would have loved to have the time and money to get this old dog back into playing shape as you don't see that many of these around.  A reworked neck is going to give the buyer a very unique and somewhat rare instrument.  Adios to an old friend.

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