Sunday, May 22, 2016

Killer Kays!!

Top Row(L to R) - Truetone electric archtop, Orpheum 1/2 size terz guitar, Kay jumbo - Bottom Row(l to R) - Kay jumbo, Kay Value Leader, Kay Dread, Thin Twin

I've always had a thing for Kay guitars.  Many of them come with really good parts, some pretty nice woods and in some cases are solidly built.  I keep going back to them over and over again.  That dreadnought down in front is my number one guitar.  Every person that picks it up is blown away by its tone when they strum that first chord.  I think one of the biggest reasons I love these Kays is that many of them come with big fat necks - which i happen to love.  Most will need work if you are buying through ebay, but they are worth it.  James Ralston has worked on four of the pictured instruments and they are a joy to play.  Just thought i would upload a little family photo for the fun of it.  Here are some closer views.